Why Small Business Websites are More Important.

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Let set some facts straight

56% of people say they don’t really trust in a business that doesn’t have a website. (The Bauen Group). And with over 2 billion people buying things online, that means there’s over a 1 billion people who don’t trust you because either your website looks and performs like trash, or worse, don’t have one at all.

Thats a lot of people 

That’s more people than everyone in the United States and China put together actually…

So why is it that 46% of small businesses still don’t have a website even though 92% of them feel having one is the best digital marketing strategy? (Clutch).

Honestly, we have no idea…  But what we do know is that you don’t want to be one of those businesses. You don’t want to just have a Facebook page. You want a website. Not a sloppy one either, but one looks and performs awesome for your audience. Because when your website performs well and makes people smile, they’ll be happy to work with you.

If you’re really good, maybe they’ll even tell their friends about you. Or better yet, leave you an awesome review on your google account. Because reviews matter too… If you didn’t already know, 55% of people research reviews before making purchases… And surprise! Nearly that same amount will also check out (and judge) a companies website while looking at those reviews (KPMG). But how much do they judge you based on your website you ask? 75% of people admit to judging the credibility of your business based on your websites appearance alone. (Kinesis). 

Meanwhile, you might be sitting over here with no website and no reviews… Is the 46% of businesses from earlier convinced yet? We hope so.

Small businesses: Facebook pages are not enough

And we hope we’ve convinced you of that by now… Because you know what else you get when you have a legitimate website?

A domain.

A domain that you can call your own.

Why is that good? Well besides having a nice “.com” or “.io” extension at the end of your domain name, it will make you look far more professional and credible to everyone who see’s your site. It improves your SEO standing and allows you to migrate in the future if you need to as well. 

Simply put, It makes you legit.

Plus, besides making you feel too cool for school right off the bat, you’ll feel even cooler when you get some professional-looking emails with your company name for the email domain… And for that, your customers will think you’re pretty cool too.

In the Raio blog, we’ve talked about email and hosting domains before in this  post: “Get the most out of your email and hosting domains“. But be sure to check back, as we’ll likely visit this subject again in the future, because there’s nearly always more to talk about.

So… Are you a small business and still need a website?

If you’re a small business who’s been thinking of getting a website, or even a seasoned vet who just needs to update that old website you can’t even remember when you got, give Raio a shout… We’re happy to help you get a slick and modern website that will blow any Facebook page out of the water and make all your business friends jealous of all that new business you’ll be getting

Get the most out of your email & hosting domains

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Email Domain & Reputation:

Raio always highly recommends using Google or Office360 due to the complexity of spam filtering, encryption, and domain reputation.  It is becoming more and more common for domain spoofing, and using a few “free” email addresses allows for that to happen much easier.  In addition, using services like microsoft/360 or Google’s G Suite automatically injects a higher level of reputation into your domain. This helps immensely with SEO, spam filtering, etc.  As a startup, where you will be sending emails to new people, this is extremely important, and is something that you should not spare the expense on.  Simply put: you get what you pay for with email.  And in all honesty, this is the primary reason Raio Creative does not do email hosting.

Email Integrations: 

Using a mail service like Google and Microsoft is going to give you a lot more flexibility with digital marketing, SEO, emailing, etc.  These companies are already so vast that they already have all of the best integrations. Tools like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and others will be very important for your success of your business.

Need Hosting? Raio Can Help

Raio Creative provides a price match (or even better if it helps) hosting service for our clients. To accomplish this, we utilize our own infrastructure that’s already built into the sites we create, as well as Amazon Web Services (or AWS ). There’s also no need to worry about reliability, as we do auto-back ups regularly and everything we make is totally transferable. In addition, we’re able to manage all the DNS email domain stuff for you; all you have to do is sign up and pay for the Google or Microsoft service and provide us with the information when it asks to set up the domain.

Thats it. Easy peasy.