Iotery Background

Iotery is a product/service created by the company Technicity. It essentially serves to make deploying and implementing IoT services much easier. It creates a scalable, flexible, and secure environment for IoT, and provides various other features to make IoT system architecture and maintenance simpler.

What was needed

Iotery needed logo, as well as a website that would be able to concisely depict exactly what Iotery is and how it works. Technicity hired Raio to design the brand Icon, as well as design a technologically heavy website for their new system. 


The Iotery Website and Logo

To start with the logo above, we took inspiration from the big picture… Iotery is a platform designed to help simplify and consolidate a IoT system as a whole. Therefore, the prism came to mind. As the name implies, a prism helps narrow the focus of a stream. In this case, the stream is IoT system processes. Running with this, we created a website that concisely depicted what Iotery is and what it does, in a modern, informative site. For this site, we also embedded registration forms and login portals for all current and future Iotery users. Check out the full site here.

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